Dr. Silvia Migdal Cohen is joining our team, adding orthodontics, sleep apnea, and TMD treatments to our services

Raanana Dental Care is expanding its services! We are now offering orthodontics, sleep apnea, and TMJ treatments.

Dr. Silvia Migdal Cohen is joining Raanana Dental Care. She brings with her 30 years of experience as an orthodontist in Brazil.

Dr. Migdal Cohen has mastered various techniques and performs the following types of orthodontic treatment:

Fixed devices (metal or ceramic)

Removable appliances

Orthopedic appliances

Transparent devices (Invisalign)

She focuses on preventive treatment in children and performs corrective orthodontics in both adolescents and adults.

Beyond orthodontics, she also treats orofacial pains, TMJ dysfunction, sleep problems, snoring and apnea. She participated in numerous courses in Brazil, Argentina, Israel and USA.

Dr. Silvia graduated at the University of São Paulo in 1984. Soon after, she began to specialize in orthodontics, orthopedics of the jaws and pediatric dentistry. She worked for more than thirty years in her his own clinic in São Paulo

Just two months ago, she made aliyah, a long standing dream, reuniting with her family already in Israel.

“Today I am a very different professional from when I started my career,” said Migdal Cohen. “My goals lie far beyond the patient’s mouth; I observe, his posture, his mood, his walk, his gaze. I imagine this patient five, ten or twenty years from now. How will this treatment affect their future? What is really the best treatment for him or her? Or even what I would do in their place, or if he or she were my child or grandchild?”

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