During their first appointment, new patients can expect a comprehensive examination, diagnosis and treatment plan, which can take up to an hour.

We will perform a full head and neck exam, review the teeth and gums, check your TMJ, perform an oral cancer screen, and most importantly listen to your concerns.

We allow this much time so that we can properly answer any questions you might have. More complex treatment plans with multiple options sometimes require a further follow up appointment at no additional cost. A first visit for a child will typically only last half an hour and can often be combined with a cleaning appointment.

If you would only like a particular concern addressed, we will always resolve your chief complaint first and then hopefully encourage you to come back for a comprehensive new patient examination.

We encourage everyone to see a dentist first before having their teeth cleaned to be sure that there are no areas that may be adversely affected by the cleaning

Before embarking on any cosmetic procedure, we must ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. We also insist on having a cleaning before undergoing any whitening procedure.

We will always address your chief complaint first.

When someone calls up in pain, we will always see them on that day.

Our practice always tries to provide pain relief for patients at the first appointment. Please inform the front desk staff that you are in pain and need emergency pain relief so that the appropriate time is scheduled. It may be necessary to reschedule your comprehensive new patient exam for a later date.

These days, almost every procedure we do can be done to look natural and tooth-colored.

We accept all types of payment including cash, bank transfer, check and all types of credit card. We strongly encourage payment by credit card and our skilled office staff will be glad to help you reach a payment plan that is convenient and comfortable for you.

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Yes! This will save you some time in the office and we’ll be able to get to treating you even faster. Feel free to download the relevant forms here, fill them out and email them to contact@raananadental.com 

We will print out the form before your appointment and have you sign it.

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