Comprehensive care

Healthy teeth are our top priority, and our wide variety of dental services ensure that we always meet our patients’ needs. We have a patient centered approach that always puts you, the patient, first.

We focus on preventative care and also specialize in minimally invasive restorative work.


New Patient Exams

We welcome new patients of all ages and conduct a professional oral exam to provide a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. For adults, these exams can take up to one hour, if your case is complex, a follow-up visit to finalize the treatment plan might be necessary at no additional charge.

For kids, an initial check-up can take up to half an hour and can be combined with a teeth cleaning.


Preventative Care

Our goal is to help our patients maintain strong, healthy teeth through preventative care, which includes teaching patients about dental health and oral hygiene in a positive environment and providing regular periodontal care, teeth cleanings and check-ups.

We want to provide you with regular periodontal care, cleanings and check-ups to ensure that you keep your natural teeth for life.


Restorative Work

We pride ourselves in performing minimally invasive dentistry; however, when necessary we specialize in large reconstructive treatments.

This includes: fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridgework, dentures, implants, (both the surgical and restorative phases) root canal treatments, wisdom tooth removal, extractions, periodontal treatments, minor orthodontics, trauma, esthetics and cosmetic dentistry

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