Spotlight on Dr. Silvia Migdal Cohen, head of in-house orthodontic care at Raanana Dental Care

Spotlight on Dr. Silvia Migdal Cohen, head of in-house orthodontic care at Raanana Dental Care.  Dr. Silvia has over 30 years of experience as an orthodontist in Brazil and joined Raanana Dental Care in 2018.  Dr. Silvia has participated in numerous courses in Brazil, Argentina, Israel and the USA and performs a wide variety of orthodontic treatments including fixed devices (metal or ceramic), removable appliances, orthopedic appliances and transparent devices (Invisalign).  She focuses on preventive treatment in children and performs corrective orthodontics in both adolescents and adults, as well as treating orofacial pains, TMJ dysfunction, sleep problems, snoring and apnea.  Here are the highlights of a recent interview with Dr. Silvia. 

Dr. Silvia, tell us a bit more about other issues you treat in the mouth, jaw and face.

I don’t see a patient ‘just as someone who needs straight teeth’; I check their breathing, habits and posture and I know I can help them improve the quality of their entire lives.  Taking this holistic approach, I know that if we don’t improve all the functions of their mouth, there is a possibility that their teeth could revert to their old positions.

Patients often ask: what would you consider an ‘orthodontic emergency’ and how should patients handle it?

While there are very few orthodontic emergencies, the wires could detach from the brackets and sometimes the bands or the brackets can get loose; many times this is caused by eating sticky foods such as toffee or hard foods such as whole carrots.  If this happens the bands or brackets can be re-cemented or replaced.  These procedures can, for the most part, be done by any of our dentists.  Please don’t hesitate to call the clinic.

If pressure from the braces is causing a level of discomfort or causing irritation or cuts in your mouth, don’t wait for your next scheduled appointment.  Call the clinic as soon as you can.  In the meantime, you can take an over-the-counter pain relief medicine and we can give a special wax to protect mucosa (the lining of the lips) from the hooks of braces and the like.

While on the subject, do the Invisalign braces cause less discomfort than traditional braces?

Yes, wearing Invisalign causes less discomfort than traditional braces and part of the reason is that there are no brackets or wires to irritate your lips or gums.  Contact us today to find out if it’s possible to perform your treatment with Invisalign.  While we are talking about Invisalign, I would like to add that Invisalign allows better dental hygiene since it can be removed for brushing and flossing, thus preventing gum disease and caries.

How does the orthodontia process begin?

The process begins with a pre-braces appointment where I will examine your teeth, discuss any dental health issues and create an orthodontic plan of action.  You will be sent to do special orthodontic documentation that includes x rays, pictures and intra oral scanning (this is instead of the old impressions and is more comfortable and more accurate).

How do you recommend keeping the teeth and gums healthy during treatment?

First of all, you should consider getting a toothbrush with a smaller head, to get into and around those tighter spaces and also spend more time brushing.  In addition, it is important to emphasize that you still need to keep up with your regular check-up schedule during orthodontia treatment to prevent tooth stains, decay and gum problems. And sometimes it is recommended to see the hygienist more often (every three to four months instead of every six months) during the orthodontia treatment since it’s hard, especially for kids, to really clean around the brackets and wires.

Is there any other information you think may be helpful for patients?

Firstly, once we begin the orthodontic process we become a team, working together to achieve the straight teeth you deserve; this means you must come to all your scheduled appointments and maintain healthy dental hygiene practices.  In addition, I may recommend that you see other specialists, such as a speech therapist or an ear, nose and throat specialist or other specialists to ensure the very best result.  Once you have reached your goal of straight teeth, you must wear your retainer as recommended to maintain your beautiful smile.

Thanks Dr. Silvia for sharing your expertise with our readers!

No matter what your age, you can have the smile of your dreams and the straight teeth you deserve.  Contact Raanana Dental Care today to discuss you and your family’s oral health needs.

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